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Greg Abbott Struggles to Fend off Primary Challengers as the GOP Competition for His Job Grows

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The list of Republicans seeking to replace Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is growing longer and longer. In addition to several GOP candidates who have set their sights on challenging Abbott, the competition now includes former congressman and Texas GOP chairman Allen West, who resigned from his position in state party leadership to run for governor.

West has been a frequent critic of Abbott’s leadership and has come down hard on his handling of the pandemic. He and former Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, who is also rumored to be considering running, went so far as to co-host an anti-Abbott protest outside of the Governor’s Mansion last October.

Other candidates in the race include former State Sen. Don Huffines, who declared his candidacy calling Abbott a political windsock and promised to put an end to the “excuses and lies” that have characterized his time as governor. Huffines released a statement welcoming West to the race to show that “Texans can do better than Greg Abbott.

We couldn’t agree more.

As Abbott grapples with the reality of an increasingly messy and chaotic primary, he’s continuing to prove to be a massive failure for the state of Texas. He’s played political games with massive crises and has doubled down on his far-right positions. In response, his support is waning and Texans seem eager to support literally anyone else. A recent poll showed him neck-and-neck with actor Matthew McConaughey in a hypothetical matchup.

“Republicans are jumping at the chance to get rid of Greg Abbott and honestly, who can blame them,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Greg Abbott has been abysmal for Texas, and Texans deserve better than more failed Republican leadership  — they deserve a Democratic governor who, instead of using national crises as opportunities to score political points, will actually deliver real help to working families and secure increased access to health care, quality education, and good-paying jobs.”