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Govs On Deck – November 12, 2019

Govs on Deck

Good Tuesday afternoon! Did you miss us? Welcome to this week’s edition of “Govs on Deck” – the weekly tip sheet dedicated to keeping you informed about what is happening in Democratic governors’ offices around the country.
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Coming up this week:

  • D.C. event: On Friday, MICHIGAN Gov. Gretchen WHITMER will speak at a DGA – Center for American Progress panel about how states are delivering real policy solutions. Find more details and RSVP here.
  • This morning, COLORADO Gov. Jared POLIS will release a roadmap outlining medium and long-term strategies to contain college costs and put college and technical schools in reach for all Coloradans.
  • In MICHIGAN, Gov. Gretchen WHITMER will give remarks at the Michigan Women’s Commission Public Meeting that will focus on the state of gender equality in Michigan.
  • On Thursday, MICHIGAN Gov. Gretchen WHITMER will sign solar tax credit bills that will remove barriers to renewable energy and save individuals money on their energy bills when they invest in their own renewable energy.
  • KENTUCKY will conduct an election recanvass on Thursday after it was requested by GOP Gov. Matt Bevin. Gov.-elect Andy BESHEAR won Tuesday’s election by slightly over 5,000 votes.
  • Saturday is the gubernatorial runoff in LOUISIANA. 

How ‘bout Dem govs: standing up for sexual assault victims 
Dem govs get it done.
Last week, NORTH CAROLINA Gov. Roy COOPER signed a wide-sweeping bill that closed key loopholes in the state’s sexual assault laws and strengthened protections for children and victims of childhood abuse.
Prior to the bill signing, North Carolina was the only state where it was not considered a crime to sexually assault someone who had revoked their initial consent or someone who was incapacitated because of their own actions, such as drinking.
Some news from this past week:

  • Health care
    • MAINE Gov. Janet MILLS published an op-ed in the Portland Press Herald highlighting the success of the state’s Medicaid expansion that was implemented by the governor’s executive order. 
  • Domestic violence prevention
    • MICHIGAN Gov. Gretchen WHITMER signed SB257 requiring deferred domestic violence charges to count as prior convictions in concurrent cases.
  • The courts
    • DELAWARE Gov. John CARNEY’s appointments for Chief Justice (Justice Collins J. Seitz) and Justice (Vice Chancellor Tamika Montgomery-Reeves) on the Delaware Supreme Court were confirmed by the state Senate. Vice Chancellor Montgomery-Reeves will become the first African American to serve on the Delaware Supreme Court.
  • LGBTQ rights
    • RHODE ISLAND Gov. Gina RAIMONDO ceremoniously signed legislation making it easier for veterans to get their state and local benefits if they were discharged from the military solely due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Name that governor:
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KANSAS Gov. Laura KELLY was the answer to last week’s question: This governor lived in Japan until they were three and their first word was “shut up” in Japanese…
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