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Govs On Deck – August 12, 2019

Govs on Deck

August 12th, 2019

Good Monday morning! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Govs on Deck” – the weekly tip sheet dedicated to keeping you informed about what is happening in Democratic governors’ offices around the country.
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Coming up this week:

  • Kids are heading back to school in NEVADA where Gov. Steve SISOLAK will be participating in a back-to-school red carpet event today at Matt Kelly Elementary School in Las Vegas. Students walk the red carpet into class and while being cheered on by teachers and community leaders.
  • On Wednesday, NEW MEXICO Gov. Michelle LUJAN GRISHAM will host a domestic terrorism summit. The summit will convene a bipartisan coalition of key legislators and public safety officials from her cabinet. The summit will include an FBI briefing and presentations from groups specializing in cyberhate and social polarization.
  • NEW JERSEY Gov. Phil MURPHY will sign an executive order mandating monthly metric releases from NJ TRANSIT to provide commuters heightened transparency and accurate information about the performance of the nation’s third-largest mass transit system.
  • NEW JERSEY Gov. Phil MURPHY will also launch year two of his Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG) program, providing tuition-free community college to eligible students at all 18 of New Jersey’s community colleges.
  • COLORADO Gov. Jared POLIS will participate in back-to-school events throughout the week to celebrate the historic investments the state made this year in free full-day kindergarten.

How ‘bout Dem govs: gun safety reform
Dem govs get it done.
As the country continues to reel from multiple mass shootings, calls for significant gun safety reforms continue to grow. But while meaningful federal legislative action seems unlikely, Democratic governors are getting things done at the state level:

  • CA – Gov. NEWSOM:
    • Proposition 63 – a package of commonsense gun safety measures including keeping guns and ammunition out of the wrong hands and point-of-sale background checks for ammunition.
  • CO – Gov. POLIS:
    • A “red flag” law allowing judges to temporarily remove firearms from people who pose a serious threat to themselves or others.
  •  CT – Gov. LAMONT:
    • “Ethan’s Law,” a bill requiring firearms to be stored properly and safely in households where a child under 18 lives.
    • A ban on “ghost guns” and strengthened statutes regarding the safe storage of firearms in motor vehicles.
  • DE – Gov. CARNEY:
    • Law requiring safe storage of firearms.
  • HI – Gov. IGE: 
    • Law requiring residents to report lost or stolen firearms to police within 24 hours.
  • IL – Gov. PRITZKER: 
    • Law requiring a state license for gun dealers.
  • LA – Gov. EDWARDS: 
    • Law making it illegal for some domestic abusers to own firearms.
  • ME – Gov. MILLS: 
    • An alternative to the “red flag” law, permitting police to take a person into protective custody and requiring that person to temporarily surrender any weapons.
  • MI – Gov. WHITMER: 
    • Proclaimed June 7, 2019 as Gun Violence Awareness Day.
  • MT – Gov. BULLOCK:
    • Vetoed bill limiting the restrictions local governments could place on individuals carrying concealed weapons.
  • NJ – Gov. MURPHY:
    • Multiple laws combatting gun violence including requiring firearms dealers and gun-range workers to be trained in suicide prevention to encouraging the development of smart guns.
    • Law expanding background checks in the state for sales occurring online or at gun shows.
  • NY – Gov. CUOMO:
    • Multiple laws including criminalizing firearms undetectable by a metal detector, expanding the law to require firearms remained safely stored when accessible by children.
  • NV – Gov. SISOLAK:
    • Expanded background checks on gun sales.
    • Banned bump stocks.
  • OR – Gov. BROWN:
    • Closed loophole so that guns remain out of the hands of domestic abusers.
  • PA – Gov. WOLF:
    • Law implementing stricter gun measures for domestic abusers.
  • RI – Gov. RAIMONDO:
    • “Red flag” executive order, preventing people from having guns if they are deemed a threat to themselves or others.
  • WA – Gov. INSLEE:
    • Law suspending access to firearms for those who have been detained under the state’s Involuntary Treatment Act.

Some news from this past week:

  • Renewable energy
    • MICHIGAN Gov. Gretchen WHITMER announced on Thursday that her administration is planning a series of solar panel installations to create what would be the state’s first “green” prison, state park, and fish hatchery.
  • LGBTQ rights
    • KANSAS Gov. KELLY has directed the state’s child welfare agency to draft guidelines urging foster parents to recognize LGBTQ children by “their preferred identity if it differs from their sex assigned at birth.”
    • RHODE ISLAND Gov. Gina RAIMONDO is planning to add a non-binary option for state-issued driver’s licenses.
  • Criminal justice reform
    • RHODE ISLAND Gov. Gina RAIMONDO signed an executive order that aims to make reforms to the state’s criminal justice system. The order creates the Juvenile and Criminal Justice working group which will focus on improving the juvenile justice system and examining issues adult prisoners face upon discharge.

Name that governor:
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Meanwhile, last week….
PENNSYLVANIA Gov. Tom WOLF was the answer to this question: This governor’s childhood hometown was named after his or her ancestor…
The town? Mount Wolf
Happy birthday to NEW JERSEY Gov. Phil MURPHY (August 16th)!
Have a great week!