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Govs Get It Done: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Proposes $300M Investment to Combat Homelessness

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Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee this week announced his proposal to spend $300M on shelter beds and other initiatives to combat homelessness in the state. The plan was included in the governor’s supplemental spending plan which he unveiled yesterday.

In addition to the thousands of additional shelter beds, the proposal offers rental and housing assistance to more than 3,000 people. The investment would aim to cut homelessness in half state-wide.

Read more about Gov. Inslee’s proposed investment below:

AP: Washington governor wants to spend $300M to help homeless

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday he wants to spend more than $300 million from the state’s emergency budget reserve to add 2,100 shelter beds and provide other help to combat homelessness.

Seattle Time: Gov. Inslee proposes slashing unsheltered homelessness in half by spending $300 million 

Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday proposed spending more than $300 million over three years to build emergency shelters and expand housing programs, with the goal of cutting unsheltered homelessness in half statewide.

The Lewison Tribune: Inslee pitches $900 million budget plan

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wants to spend more than $300 million in state emergency reserve funds over the next three years to help combat homelessness.

Inslee, who is running for a third term next year, released his supplemental 2019-21 budget proposal during a news conference in Olympia on Wednesday.