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Govs Get It Done: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Receiving Praise For Taking Bold Action To Prevent Gun Violence

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Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is receiving praise for his bold executive actions to combat gun violence. After an armed suspect shot and wounded six police officers during a standoff in Philadelphia and the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh killed 11 people, Gov. Wolf took action to address gun violence by signing an executive order naming a senior advisor charged with reducing gun violence and creating a Division of Violence Prevention within the Department of Health. This bold action will enable Pennsylvania state agencies and programs to better coordinate a public health response to reduce gun violence in the Commonwealth.
Read more about Wolf’s efforts to prevent gun violence:
Philly Inquirer: Editorial: Kudos to Gov. Tom Wolf for doing something on gun violence, but the General Assembly must do more
After the mass shooting in Dayton, chanters crying “Do Something!” interrupted a speech by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. On Friday, after a bloody week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf did something: signed an executive order to address gun violence in the Commonwealth.
Gov. Wolf appointed former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey to the new position of Senior Advisor for Gun Violence Prevention; he will coordinate the Commonwealth’s gun reform agenda.
Wolf’s first step in the reform is the convening of a Special Council on Gun Violence that will provide recommendations on how Pennsylvania can prevent community violence, mass shootings, domestic violence, suicide, and accidental shootings. The Gov. also called for an increase in data sharing and capacity to better understand gun violence. He also wants to invest more resources in training of police, bolstering gun buyback programs, and conducting more active shooter drills.
Wolf’s actions are not nothing, but executive action can only go so far.
While learning more about a problem is always a good thing, learning is no substitute for the political will to take action on gun laws that we know could make a real difference. Gov. Wolf ended his remarks reaffirming his support to multiple gun control laws that are stuck in the General Assembly.