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Govs Get It Done: North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Implements Paid Parental Leave

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Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper today issued an executive order implementing paid parental leave for all eligible North Carolina state employees. Executive Order 95 grants eight weeks of paid time off to employees who have given birth and four weeks of paid time off to other parents to care for or bond with a newborn, adopted, or foster child. More than 56,000 workers across the state will benefit from the new policy that takes effect on September 1st.
Read about the new policy and see how Gov. Cooper is getting things done in North Carolina:
The News & Observer: Gov. Cooper orders paid parental leave for state employees
Cooper signed an executive order granting paid parental leave to North Carolina’s state employees. Full-time workers would get up to eight weeks of paid time off under the Democratic governor’s order, which takes effect Sept. 1. Democrats in the state House introduced a bill in April that aimed to allow up to eight weeks of paid parental leave for full-time state employees and up to four weeks for part-time employees. But that bill has gone nowhere.
WTVD-TV: Gov. Roy Cooper expands paid parental leave for state employees
“When you’re a parent you never forget what it’s like to welcome a new baby to the family,” Cooper said to kick off his press conference. He went on to explain the importance of mothers and fathers bonding with new children. He cited studies that found more bonding time made women healthier and men more involved in their child’s life. Cooper called on the private sector to follow suit in extending paid parental leave by arguing that it improves employee happiness, health and productivity.
Winston Salem Journal: Gov. Cooper issues paid parental leave order for state workers
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper says his directive that state agencies provide paid leave for workers following a birth means parents will no longer have to choose between their career or their child. Cooper signed an executive order on Thursday that offers paid parental leave to state employees in his Cabinet-level departments starting Sept. 1. That’s eight weeks of full paid leave to those who give birth and four weeks to their spouses or partners.