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Govs Get It Done: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Signs Executive Directive Strengthening Background Checks

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Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper today signed a gun safety executive directive that will strengthen background checks on gun sales. Cooper had previously worked to strengthen the state background check system as the state’s former attorney general. The directive further closes crime reporting gaps between state and federal agencies to improve information shared with the federal background check system. The directive also expands firearm safety education in the state.
The executive directive comes after Gov. Cooper directed the State Bureau of Investigation to conduct an inventory in March of 2018 of the quality of information North Carolina shares with the federal system. The work resulted in over 284,000 individual instances of criminal convictions that had previously been unreported being added to the NICS database.
Read more about the governor’s efforts to combat gun violence here:
The State: Gov. Cooper announces gun safety measures, calls for action on ‘red flag’ bill
N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper said Monday that he signed an executive directive meant to strengthen background checks for gun buyers.
Cooper said he signed the directive to his cabinet agencies to “build on the work we are already doing” around gun violence and safety.