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Govs Get It Done: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s Graduated Income Tax Plan Goes to the Voters

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Democratic Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker fulfilled a key campaign promise on Monday when the Illinois House approved a constitutional amendment that changes the state’s income tax structure. The new structure will create a fairer income tax system for Illinois’ middle and working class families. The Fair Tax amendment now goes to the voters as a question on the 2020 ballot.
The graduated-rate income tax was a cornerstone of the governor’s campaign and his administration. Only three percent of taxpayers will be impacted by the governor’s plan while the 97 percent of taxpayers making $250,000 or less a year will not be affected. The plan is projected to bring in an additional $3.4 billion for Illinois.
Read coverage of the historic vote below:
The Chicago Tribune: House vote puts Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan on November 2020 ballot
In a historic vote, the Illinois House on Monday agreed to ask voters to change the 1970 state constitution by authorizing a graduated-rate tax based on the size of income and repealing the currently mandated flat-rate income tax.
ABC7: Illinois graduated income tax plan will go to voters after Governor JB Pritzker’s bill passes the State House
The progressive income tax was the cornerstone of Pritzker’s campaign and of his administration. The governor’s plan promises that 97 percent of taxpayers would not pay more. Only those making over $250,000 a year would be impacted. “I choose fairness and I believe that Illinoisans will too,” Pritzker said. The plan is projected to bring in $3.4 billion for the state.
Reuters: Illinois to ask residents to vote on how income tax is levied on 2020 ballot
The Illinois House of Representatives on Monday voted to put a proposal that would change the state’s personal income tax system on a ballot to take place alongside the 2020 U.S. national election vote.