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Govs Get It Done: Governor Steve Sisolak Checks Off Campaign Promises After Successful Legislative Session

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Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak wrapped up a successful inaugural legislative session Monday night that saw the passage of his top agenda items. Among the legislative victories ushered through the 80th session were the codification or protections for pre-existing conditions, an additional $6 million for family planning services, the end to surprise emergency room billing, and the largest public education budget in Nevada history.
Read more about Gov. Sisolak’s successful inaugural legislative session below:
The Nevada Independent: Sisolak touts teacher pay raises, K-12 funding overhaul passed by Legislature
The day after lawmakers wrapped up their 120-day session, Gov. Steve Sisolak proudly touted a pay raise for teachers, the approval of collective bargaining for state workers and a revamp of the state’s antiquated K-12 funding formula — all goals he had set upon taking office.
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Gov. Steve Sisolak confident payroll tax extension on solid ground
Meeting with reporters for 30 minutes to take questions and give his assessment, the Democratic governor cited progress on issues he campaigned on — especially education and health care — saying the Democrat-controlled Legislature and executive branch had shepherded “historic measures into law that will make sure that the economic recovery that we’re experiencing is going to reach every single kitchen table, every single family.”
Las Vegas Sun: Editorial: Democrats in Legislature capitalize on chance to enrich Nevadans’ lives
Four months ago, Democrats entered the 2019 legislative session with a nearly wide-open pathway to achieve their policy goals after taking control of the governor’s office and both chambers of the Legislature. When they gaveled out Monday, they and the reasonable Republicans who worked across the aisle with them could walk away knowing that they hadn’t squandered their opportunity.
2 News: Governor Sisolak Proud of Work Done at 2019 Legislature
The governor says he fulfilled many of the promises made in his State of the State address. He’s most proud about the education budget, calling it a major win for schools and students.
KOLO 8 News Now: Governor Sisolak considers his first legislative session
Governor Sisolak is taking stock in his administration these days as lawmakers in Carson City head home. By all accounts the 2019 legislative session was a productive one, with some contentious issues, not the least of which was funding for education.