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Govs Get It Done: Delaware Governor John Carney Codifies Pre-Existing Conditions Protections and Expands Dental Coverage

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The bills would protect 389,000 Delawareans with a pre-existing condition and expand dental coverage to 245,000 Delawareans 
Democratic Delaware Gov. John Carney signed two bills yesterday to expand health care coverage for Medicaid recipients and defend protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.
In a ceremony at Westside Family Healthcare, Gov. Carney signed the legislation to continue defending ACA coverage in Delaware, regardless of what sabotage comes from the federal level. Upholding coverage for pre-existing conditions is part of Carney’s belief that “all Delawareans deserve access to quality, affordable health care.” These bills will “help us deliver on that promise.”
These new bills will directly benefit the more than 389,000 Delawareans currently living with a pre-existing condition, more than half the state’s population. The almost 245,000 Delawareans currently on Medicaid will have access to dental coverage. With these two new bills cemented in law, Delawareans can be confident that their access to quality, affordable health care will be defended.