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Governor Markell Says Romney’s Pick of Paul Ryan Shows How out of Touch He is With the Middle Class

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New Castle, DE – Today, Governor Jack Markell released the following statement about Mitt Romney’s choosing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate:

Given the choice, I would vote for Delaware’s own Joe Biden every day and twice on election day.”
In choosing Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate Mitt Romney has found his ideological soul mate, one who supports an economic approach that would work for only a few and asks those in the middle class to shoulder the burden. During his time in Congress, Paul Ryan argued for even larger tax cuts for wealthiest than what President Bush proposed; he opposed Democratic proposals to balance our budget and pay for our spending; and in his latest budget plan he asks us to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy by severely cutting funding for programs that help those who need it the most in our society.”
Romney and Ryan support policies that run counter to how we have been successful in Delaware. Romney and Ryan’s policies do not side with teachers and students, parents and seniors, hard-working middle class families and small business owners; these are not policies that will build an economy from the middle class out but focus on those at the top.”