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Governor is Trying to Get Along

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Gov. Jay Nixon is as government savvy as anyone in Missouri. His experience as a state senator, attorney general and going on four years as governor gives him an astuteness that places him at the head of the class of most of the politicians he rubs shoulders with. He can be political, he can be fair, he knows when to compromise, he runs a clean operation and he truly wants the best for Missouri. A Democrat, he’s trying to get along and work with the House and Senate, both controlled by Republicans. Complicating the situation is that with term limits we have a number of lawmakers who lack experience in government…
Every governor has his or her critics. Nixon is being criticized for not being buddy-buddy with lawmakers. But we have a governor who is trying to get along with the opposite party for the good of the state, and he knows government, how it works, and he’s trying to balance meeting needs with the resources available. We like experienced hands in the lead vehicle.
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