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Governor Ducey’s Education Debacle

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Arizona Republic column: Ducey’s K-12 funding failure is ‘a serious threat to his re-election bid’

For the last week, educators across Arizona have been wearing #RedforEd in protest of funding cuts to education that have led to the lowest teacher pay in the nation. It took an organic movement for Governor Ducey to realize his policies are now a serious threat to his re-election.
Yesterday, Governor Ducey “snuck out the back door” to avoid talking to teachers. He and his allies are so concerned about how this will hurt his re-election prospects, even prior to the protests they put up a $1 million ad buy to spread propaganda about his education record.
And as one Arizona Republic columnist wrote, “Alarm bells must be absolutely clanging over at Gov. Doug Ducey’s re-election headquarters and in the offices of his biggest supporters.”
Another emphasized, “He should not brush off teachers’ anger and disgust of him over meager salaries and K-12 investment….It would be a mistake not to see it as a serious threat to his re-election bid.”
“Governor Ducey has slashed and gutted Arizona’s education system, and educators from across the state are putting him on notice,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “The Governor and his allies are hoping a shady, $1 million ad buy can cover for years of failure. Unfortunately for him, it’s too little, too late.”
Here’s a sampling of the brutal press coverage Ducey’s received in the last few days.