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Governor Ducey Refuses to Answer Whether He Would Protect Roe v. Wade

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Ducey ducks questions on protecting women’s right to safe, legal abortions

For 45 years, women in Arizona could count on their constitutional right to a safe abortion. But over the weekend Governor Ducey refused to answer a straightforward question about whether he would criminalize the procedure and force women to seek out unsafe alternatives. In light of President Trump’s expected Supreme Court nominee, selected from a list put together by the ultra-conservative Federalist Society, Doug Ducey should be clear with Arizonans if he would seek to overturn four decades of settled law..
In response to whether he would criminalize abortion, Ducey said:

Reporter: With the President looking at a Supreme Court nominee that would likely oppose Roe v Wade, if you’re reelected, would you support, would you push a bill that bans abortion?
Ducey: “That’s a, this a very hypothetical [question]…The president’s agreed to a list that has been put together by The Federalist Society, which are basically judges and justices that have a commitment to the United States Constitution, which is same oath I took when I was sworn in as governor.

“It is stunning the Doug Ducey cannot unequivocally state that he would protect a woman’s right to choose,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “His eagerness to rollback women’s rights poses a huge risk to women’s health. Ducey is downright dangerous for Arizona women and they deserve a governor committed to protecting them rather than selling them out to the extreme right.”