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Gov. Tony Evers Vetoes GOP’s “Gerrymandering 2.0” Maps

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Today, Gov. Tony Evers vetoed Wisconsin Republicans’ rigged redistricting plan. Gov. Evers is once again proving he’s the last line of defense for voting rights and fair elections.

“I believe — and I know Wisconsinites agree — that people should get to choose their elected officials, not the other way around,” said Gov. Evers.

The GOP’s F-rated maps attempt to rig their legislative majorities for another decade. They are based on the same lines Republicans drew ten years ago, which have been called some of the most gerrymandered maps in the country.

Gov. Evers’ veto shows he’s on the side of Wisconsinites, who overwhelmingly support nonpartisan redistricting. Last year, he established the People’s Maps Commission, which is working to draft fair, nonpartisan, and transparent redistricting maps that earned an A-rating.

As Gov. Evers works to defend democracy, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch does everything to attack it. On Monday, Kleefisch sued the state elections commission to suspend guidance allowing clerks to use ballot drop boxes and protect poll workers from COVID-19.

“Gov. Tony Evers is a brick wall against Republican assaults on our democracy,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “While Republicans like Rebecca Kleefisch seek to undermine free and fair elections, Gov. Evers is committed to protecting the right to vote and ensuring a transparent redistricting process where every Wisconsinite has a fair say. This veto proves once again that re-electing Gov. Evers is critical for the future of Wisconsin.”