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Gov. Steve Sisolak Highlights Strong Record and Bold Ideas In State of the State Address While GOP Candidates Run on Inaction

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In this week’s State of the State address, Gov. Steve Sisolak highlighted his record thus far and his plans to invest in Nevada’s children, affordable housing, and more. “The state of our state is resilient and getting stronger every day,” said Sisolak.

While the GOP field hasn’t offered any plans to improve Nevada’s schools, Gov. Sisolak has improved Nevada from 13th to 9th in higher education, lowered the average college debt by nearly $3,000, and led Clark County to rank second in the nation in workforce development.

Gov. Sisolak has also championed policies to keep Nevadans healthy — including protecting those with pre-existing conditions, fighting surprise billing, and adopting a public health insurance program.

In contrast, the GOP has no plan to expand access to health care. Instead, candidates like Joe Lombardo and Michele Fiore politicize vaccines, and Dean Heller even voted to strip nearly 400,000 Nevadans of their health insurance.

Nevada’s economy is getting back on track thanks to Gov. Sisolak’s leadership, with the best economic momentum in the country, record-breaking gaming industry profits, and over $100 million in grants distributed to small businesses and organizations. Meanwhile, Republicans have no plans for the state’s economic recovery, and some even criticized the bipartisan federal legislation helping Gov. Sisolak invest in Nevadans.

In his address, Gov. Sisolak announced he’s increasing police wages, the latest in his long record of enhancing public safety and supporting law enforcement. Meanwhile, the GOP gubernatorial field has offered no substantive plans to protect Nevadans. Sheriff Lombardo has even called for defunding the police and oversaw a 44% rise in homicides under his watch.

“Gov. Steve Sisolak has overseen Nevada’s record-breaking economic development while investing in education, health care, and public safety,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Meanwhile, the Republican candidates for Nevada governor are all running on platforms that neglect Nevadans’ top priorities. Gov. Sisolak is committed to building on Nevada’s progress, not dragging it back.”