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Gov. Roy Cooper Was Right

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Gov. Cooper made a tough decision, but it was clearly the right call. If the President had been following facts, instead of politics, he would have made the right decision in the first place.

In June, Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper refused to cave to President Trump’s demands and insisted an in-person Republican National Convention would be unsafe and put North Carolinians lives at risk. For that, the President and the Republican National Committee moved the event to a city with a Republican mayor and a Republican governor.

Only the lack of restrictions in Florida, which Trump and Ron DeSantis once proudly touted, have resulted in a catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak. Hospitals are running out of ICU beds and cases are going up by the tens of thousands every day – a very unsafe situation to hold a large rally in, as Roy Cooper so rightly predicted in June.

“Gov. Roy Cooper did the hard, but correct thing for North Carolinians,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Now, we hope President Trump begins to listen to the experts and make decisions based on facts, too.”