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Gov. Roy Cooper Has “Highest Job Approval Rating” Of Any Major Political Figure In North Carolina

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On teacher pay, Medicaid expansion, and now on his leadership of the state, Gov. Roy Cooper repeatedly earns top marks from North Carolinians. A new poll from Meredith College shows that Cooper is the major political figure in the state with the highest job approval rating.” 
A recent poll from WRAL revealed a majority of North Carolinians agree with Cooper’s fight for increasing teacher pay and expanding Medicaid. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said Medicaid should be expanded. When it comes to investing in education, “nearly three-quarters of those polled — across party lines — support more money for schools rather than further tax cuts.”
Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Forest opposes Medicaid expansion and the urgently needed teacher pay increases Cooper is fighting for. Forest has no health care plan of his own to address the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians going without adequate health care.
“Dan Forest and Republicans in the General Assembly are playing politics with people’s lives,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Medicaid expansion is a life and death issue and for kids across the state, education is the best path to a good paying job. Gov. Cooper is the state’s most popular leader because voters know he shares their vision for the future.”