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Gov. Rauner’s Bad Budget Week (And It’s Only Wednesday)

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Governor Failing As Everyone Calls For Leadership And Warns Of Further Inaction

The week is only three days old and Governor Rauner has been inundated with calls for leadership on the state’s budget.

The week started with the state treasurer warning that continued budget inaction could result in further downgrading of the state’s credit rating, which already dropped to worst in the country under Rauner. Then, the non-partisan Civic Foundation laid out in detail how the lack of a budget has hurt Illinois families by cutting higher education budgets and shortchanging vital services. And this morning Bruce Rauner woke to a tough Chicago Sun-Times editorial calling on the Governor to do what he’s failed to: lead. 

The editorial read, “A governor must govern. He is the state’s chief executive officer. It falls to him, before all others, to do that most basic job of a CEO — get a budget done.”

And what leadership has Governor Rauner shown this week? Not much.

“Even Sox and Cubs fans could agree that Governor Rauner’s failure to lead has hurt Illinois,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Every day, more and more voices come forward urging Governor Rauner to pass a budget, but it’s unclear if he is listening. It’s time for Governor Rauner to show real leadership before Illinois families suffer further from his inaction.”