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Gov. Phil Murphy Announces Massive Fourth Quarter, Maxing Out Primary Fundraising

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Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign announced today that it has raised a total of more than $3.5 million, maxing out its fundraising effort for the 2021 gubernatorial primary and surpassing its fundraising goals. The impressive fundraising haul reflects the confidence New Jerseyans have in Gov. Murphy’s strong, no-nonsense leadership.

Despite unprecedented challenges during the COVID crisis, Gov. Murphy fulfilled campaign promises and delivered progressive change for New Jersey – enshrining ACA protections into law, instituting a millionaires tax, boosting the minimum wage to $15/hr, and enacting sweeping climate reforms. And when the worst public health crisis in a century hit, Gov. Murphy took decisive action, creating a Coronavirus Task Force prior to New Jersey’s first confirmed case and making informed decisions based on facts and science.

It’s clear from this massive fundraising haul that New Jerseyans want to continue moving the state forward under Gov. Murphy’s leadership. 

Meanwhile, Republicans are in a race to the right, with Doug Steinhardt, Jack Ciattarelli, and Hirsh Singh all embracing radical conspiracy theories in an attempt to win over Trump’s far-right base.

“Gov. Murphy’s impressive fundraising haul is a testament to his steadfast leadership,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “From day one, Gov. Murphy has delivered for New Jerseyans – raising the minimum wage, protecting access to affordable health care, and putting public health above partisanship during the pandemic. Gov. Murphy is the right person to continue leading New Jersey out of this crisis and towards a strong economic recovery.”