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Gov. Ned Lamont’s State of the State “Targeted Needs That Can Make a Difference in Everyday Lives”

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In his State of the State address yesterday, Gov. Ned Lamont outlined his vision to keep the state’s economy growing and help the middle class by cutting taxes, lowering prescription drug costs, and boosting public safety.

Gov. Lamont started his speech by noting these major investments are possible because of the state’s fiscal turnaround under his watch, stating: “Three years ago, we were standing at the edge of a fiscal cliff, facing a $3.7 billion budget deficit, and today we are deciding what taxes to cut or school programs to grow, thanks to our third consecutive year of budget surpluses.”

Here’s what people are saying about Gov. Lamont’s budget proposal:

  • The Hearst CT Media Editorial Board: “Several of the governor’s proposals targeted needs that can make a difference in everyday lives: Enhance fiber-optic cable and Wi-Fi in the state. Reduce the costs of prescription drugs. Cut car taxes. Eliminate the income tax on pension and 401K income for most households.”
  • Associated Press: “Lamont credited the state’s improving fiscal situation, boosted in part by a massive infusion of federal pandemic-relief funds, with enabling him to propose tax reductions this year. He has called for increasing the local property tax credit against the income tax, speeding up the planned pension and annuities exemption and lowering a cap on local car taxes, among other changes.”
  • WSHU: “Governor Ned Lamont delivered an upbeat state of the state address to Connecticut lawmakers on Wednesday. The state is financially better off than when he took office three years ago … When he came into office the state was facing a $3.7 billion deficit, he reminded lawmakers. Now the state has had a budget surplus for the third consecutive year.”
  • NBC Connecticut: “Gov. Ned Lamont painted an upbeat picture of Connecticut’s economy, which will allow him to cut taxes and reduce COVID-19 restrictions.”
  • CT Mirror: “The linchpin of the governor’s latest budget involves a two-step program to ease property tax burdens, chiefly on low- and middle-income households.”
  • PIX 11: “The governor said his top priority currently is addressing mental health in the state, followed by getting more people to work.”
  • CT Insider: “The governor will again push for lowering the cost of prescription drugs and make prices more transparent.”
  • WFSB: “​​​​His proposals included adding more officers on the street by doubling the size of police training classes at both the state and local levels, as well as hiring more prosecutors and public defenders, and creating a new police unit to trace and eventually confiscate illegal firearms.”
  • CBS New York: “Lamont also wants to invest $100 million in workforce development to train more than 10,000 students, focusing on trade schools, apprentice programs and tuition-free certificate programs.”

“After fixing the state’s budget, Gov. Ned Lamont continues to help working families with his proposals to cut property taxes, lower prescription drug costs, and grow the economy,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “In November, voters won’t forget Gov. Lamont’s record of strong fiscal management and addressing the biggest problems facing families every day.”