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Gov. Ned Lamont’s “Science-Based” Leadership on COVID Saves Lives, While Ron DeSantis’ “Ideological Extremism” Causes “Needless Deaths”

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Fortune: “A tale of two governors: COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters”

A new analysis from Fortune compares how Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s strong leadership in response to the pandemic is saving lives, while “ideological extremism” from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “has caused needless deaths in our country.”

In his response to COVID-19, Fortune notes that Gov. Lamont is doing “his job to save the lives of his constituents,” implementing a “science-based approach from the outset of the pandemic,” with “effective, bipartisan, cross-sector problem-solving.”

The article also noted that “Lamont also catalyzed a new nationwide weekly meeting of the nation’s governors, favoring quiet, effective, bipartisan, cross-sector problem-solving instead of seeking the public limelight.” 

In contrast, Ron DeSantis has done the exact opposite, playing the “role of an anti-intellectual for political gain,” “ignoring science and evidence,” and consulting “with anti-mask advocates who promote the horse parasite drug,” rather than with public health experts.

The difference in these two approaches to governing has striking consequences. In DeSantis’ Florida, ICU beds are filling up and cases are surging, while Connecticut has one of the nation’s highest vaccination rates. Lamont has also taken key measures to jumpstart Connecticut’s economy, and his bold leadership has earned him consistently high approval ratings across party lines.

So far, we’ve heard nothing but crickets from likely GOP challengers Bob Stefanowski and Themis Klarides regarding whether they endorse Gov. Lamont’s science-based approach, or that of their gubernatorial mentor Ron DeSantis who has fought science and common sense at every turn.

DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton said: “Any way you slice it — and especially next to the failures of Ron DeSantis’ Florida — Gov. Lamont’s strong leadership in response to COVID-19 has saved lives and jumpstarted a quick and resilient economic comeback.”