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Gov. Malloy Statement on the House Republican Health Care Proposal

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Gov. Malloy Statement on the House Republican Health Care Proposal

DGA Chair and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy released the following statement today on the House Republican health care proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

“The House Republican plan to repeal the ACA falls woefully short of the promises made to expand and improve health coverage while reducing costs,” stated Governor Dan Malloy. “Instead, their proposal would rip health care away from millions of Americans to cut taxes for the wealthy, and then shift the burden to states. To pay for their tax giveaway, Republicans would cut billions of dollars in Medicaid funding to states under the guise of so-called flexibility. Yet the only flexibility being offered is deciding which of our vulnerable communities to deprive of health coverage – those battling opioid addiction, low-income families, senior citizens, or people with disabilities. The American people expect better from their representatives in Congress.”