Gov. Laura Kelly Endorsed by Bipartisan Group of Farmers and Ranchers

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“To me, she seems like a really strong leader.”

A bipartisan group of 50 farmers and ranchers from every corner of Kansas announced they’re endorsing Gov. Laura Kelly for governor.

One of the endorsers, Bernard Thompkins, a farmer in Sedgwick County said he’s choosing Gov. Kelly because of her “priorities that match ours…In the farming community – good roads, good bridges, good education…. those things are really important for economic development.” 

Thompkins continued, “I find her tone to be very civil and unifying, as opposed to being divisive. And I like that…To me, she seems like a really strong leader.”

Another Kansas farmer, Rhonda Loehr, told KAKE: “There was a great shortage in the public education system…I feel like she straightened that out.”

Gov. Kelly has worked across the aisle to balance the budget, fully fund public schools, restore funding for infrastructure projects, axe the food tax and cut $1 billion in taxes, including a tax cut for agriculture.  As a result, Kansas has shattered records for new business investments and landed major economic development opportunities.

“Whether it’s investing in rural public schools or cutting taxes for agriculture, Gov. Kelly is delivering wins that Kansans in every corner of the state can see and feel in their everyday lives,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “That’s why Kansans — regardless of political affiliation — are supporting her for reelection.”