Gov. Larry Hogan Slams Dan Cox as “Not […] Mentally Stable”

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Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is ramping up his attacks on his party’s nominee Dan Cox, slamming Cox as mentally unstable this week.

“He’s not, in my opinion, mentally stable,” Hogan said Wednesday on WGMD radio. “He wanted to hang my friend, Mike Pence, and took three busloads of people to the Capitol.”

Here’s what people are saying about Hogan’s comments on Cox:

  • Washington Post: “The popular outgoing governor’s denigrations of Cox have shown no sign of slowing, and coupled with Cox’s own comments this week, signaled a potential shift in tone for the race.”
  • The Hill: “Hogan, who called Cox a ‘nut’ with ‘no chance whatsoever’ of winning Maryland’s gubernatorial election in November, has previously referred to the candidate as a ‘QAnon whackjob.’”
  • HuffPost: “The term-limited GOP governor, during an interview with WGMD radio on Wednesday, condemned his party’s Donald Trump-backed nominee for attacking former Vice President Mike Pence during the Jan. 6 riot.”
  • Washington Times: “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is ratcheting up his feud with Dan Cox, slamming the GOP nominee to replace him in Annapolis as not all there in the head.”

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