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Gov. Larry Hogan Follows in Trump’s Footsteps, Piles on to Disgraceful Attacks on Rep. Cummings

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Maryland Gov. Hogan uses Fox News interview to claim Rep. Elijah Cummings ‘could do more to help’ Baltimore

In his first comments to national press following President Trump’s racist attacks on Baltimore and U.S. Rep Elijah Cummings, GOP Gov. Larry Hogan wasted no time in joining right in.
Instead of standing up for the largest city in the state he claims to represent, Gov. Hogan decided to justify Trump’s attacks. When asked during an interview on Fox News whether Rep. Cummings was to blame for the situation in Baltimore, Hogan said “he could do more.” Hogan even had the nerve to declare that the Twitter attacks could have a “silver lining.”
“Rather than stand up for his constituents and a distinguished member of Congress, Gov. Larry Hogan threw them under the bus,” said David Turner, DGA communication director. “President Trump’s tirade against the city and people of Baltimore will never be justified and Gov. Hogan should be ashamed of his attempts to do just that.”