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Gov. Lamont Delivers Largest Income Tax Cut in Connecticut History

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Gov. Lamont Delivers Largest Income Tax Cut in Connecticut History 

Thanks to Gov. Ned Lamont, the working families of Connecticut are set to see major relief on their next tax bill as he signed a $51 billion state budget that includes the “largest income tax cut” in state history.

Gov. Lamont’s budget also includes an income tax cut for the middle class that will directly lead to lower tax bills for over one million people in the state of Connecticut, along with an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit that will provide over $44 million in state tax credits to lift up low-income working families. Overall, these pivotal tax cutting measures signed by Gov. Lamont will save the taxpayers of Connecticut more than $440 million per year.

“Since taking office, Gov. Lamont has balanced the budget, brought new businesses into the state and continued to make Connecticut more affordable,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “Gov. Lamont’s historic tax cuts are just the latest example of how he has delivered real results for working families and made Connecticut a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

Here are the headlines people across Connecticut are reading about Gov. Lamont’s historic income tax cuts: