Gov. Kim Reynolds Thinks It’s Laughable To Follow CDC Guidelines

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At a campaign event this week, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds mocked Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield and other Iowans who are following CDC guidelines and making sacrifices to slow the spread of coronavirus.

After learning that members of her campaign were in contact with someone who subsequently tested positive for the virus, Greenfield set a good example for Iowans, pausing her bus tour and only resuming after consulting with medical experts. But Reynolds thinks COVID-19 is a joke – saying, Theresa didn’t get very far on her RV tour, did she?

Reynolds made a mockery of every person who has cancelled a life event, missed a funeral, or hasn’t seen a loved one in months in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It’s clear Reynolds and Iowa’s Republican leaders don’t take the virus seriously – Iowa is in the “red zone” and experiencing one of the worst outbreaks in the country. She’s ignored warnings from public health experts to increase mitigation efforts in the state – refusing to implement a statewide mask mandate, and forcing schools to return to in-person instruction without funding for PPE and other essential supplies.

An audit found last week that Reynolds isn’t even bothering to use CARES Act funds on slowing the spread and protecting Iowans – she instead spent the COVID relief money on software for her office.

“The pandemic isn’t a laughing matter,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “This deadly disease has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and decimated our economy. Kim Reynolds should be following the lead of Democratic leaders like Theresa Greenfield, wearing a mask, following CDC guidelines, and encouraging Iowans to do the same.”