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Gov. Jay Inslee Highlights Steady Leadership As Republican Loren Culp Flounders In Gubernatorial Debate

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In last night’s Washington State gubernatorial debate, Gov. Jay Inslee made the clear case for his re-election citing his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic keeping families safe and providing assistance to working families and businesses. Republican challenger Loren Culp, best known for refusing to enforce a common-sense gun safety measure overwhelmingly passed by nearly 60% of Washingtonians, couldn’t provide basic answers to questions of health care access and economic recovery.

Culp has repeatedly flouted life-saving measures like social distancing and mask wearing, even holding rallies where he spouts anti-scientific nonsense and puts Washingtonians’ lives at risk. Tonight, his answers made it abundantly clear he lacks the basic qualifications to lead the Evergreen State through this crisis.

“Last night, both candidates made it incredibly clear that Governor Jay Inslee is the only person capable of leading Washington through this crisis,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Loren Culp’s inability to answer basic questions on economic recovery and health care access was disqualifying. Thankfully, Governor Inslee has a track record of success and a clear, consistent strategy to keep Washingtonians safe.”