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Gov. Janet Mills Touts Strong Bipartisan Record As Paul LePage Fumbles In Debate

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Last night, Gov. Janet Mills took former Gov. Paul LePage to task over his catastrophic record and extreme stance on abortion while emphasizing her own accomplishments, which have moved Maine forward and earned her bipartisan support.

Here’s what people are saying about the debate:

  • New York Times: “Republicans’ struggles to find an effective abortion message this campaign season manifested itself on Tuesday on a debate stage in the Maine governor’s race, as former Gov. Paul LePage repeatedly stumbled over a question about how he would handle the issue if voters returned him to office.”
  • Spectrum News: “When it came to questions about Maine’s abortion law, [Mills] was fully in command of that part of the debate.”
  • Portland Press Herald: “On housing, Mills criticized LePage’s refusal to release $15 million in voter-approved bonds to build affordable housing for seniors. She said she has since met with dozens of seniors living in new units created with those funds.”
  • News Center Maine: “When pressed on if he would veto any additional restrictions, LePage got upset with the line of questioning from moderators and Mills.”
  • WMTW: “On the economy, LePage criticized Mills’ distribution of 60% of this year’s state revenue surplus in $850 rebate checks to 90% of Maine taxpayers. Mills said, ‘On the $850 checks, let me tell you, this was a wildly bipartisan move. It was actually proposed by Republicans.’”