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Gov. Janet Mills Presents State Budget with Historic New Investments in Housing, Education, and Health Care — Without Raising Taxes

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After strengthening Maine’s economy and building up the state’s Rainy Day Fund to a record high, Gov. Janet Mills unveiled her state budget that makes historic investments in public education, transportation infrastructure and affordable housing. It will also continue the governor’s free community college program and make health care more accessible for Maine residents.

Gov. Mills also announced a series of initiatives to build on her success in delivering on the biggest issues facing working families in her state. These include addressing the opioid crisis, creating affordable housing, and lowering energy prices.

Here’s what people are saying about Gov. Mills’ historic budget: 

WMTW: “Education is a centerpiece of her budget, with the state now funding, for the first time, 55% of local K-12 public school costs, as required by a 2004 law. . . the budget would continue to fund free lunch for every student no matter their economic need.”

Fox 23: “Another top priority is health care with support for seniors, people with disabilities, the child welfare system and hospitals. She wants $237 million in state and federal funds for mental health and substance use disorder services. ‘When it comes to behavioral health, we all read and heard about the need for more behavioral health services of all sorts,’ Mills said.”

Maine Public: “Mills framed her new proposal as a responsible plan that doesn’t raise taxes, maintains the rainy day fund at its current record high of $900 million and is guided by revenue projections by the nonpartisan Revenue Forecasting Committee that anticipate $10.5 billion in revenue in the biennium corresponding with her spending plan and $11.6 billion projected in the following biennium ending in 2027.”

News Center Maine: “Kirsten Figueroa, the commissioner of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, called the biennial budget plan ‘fiscally responsible’ because it maintains the state’s Rainy Day Fund. . . Jeanne Lambrew, the commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, also supports the newly announced plan, noting it envisions ‘a healthier future.’”