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Gov. Janet Mills Continues to Receive High Marks from Mainers on Handling of COVID-19

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A Colby College poll released yesterday shows Maine Gov. Janet Mills continues to receive high job approvals – 59% of Mainers had a favorable view of the governor. Gov. Mills has significantly outperformed President Trump and former Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who have both criticized Gov. Mills’ reopening plan.

The poll showed the majority of Mainers side with Gov. Mills. While Maine Republicans have put pressure on Gov. Mills to quickly reopen the state for political reasons, she has stood her ground on slowly and safely reopening Maine according to the advice of public health experts. As of today, Maine has the lowest estimated virus reproductive rate in the country.

Portland Press Herald Columnist Bill Nemitz called Gov. Mills “the leader Trump and LePage could never be.”

“Mainers clearly appreciate Gov. Mills’ strong, steadfast leadership,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Throughout this public health crisis, Gov. Mills has refused to cave to political pressure from Republican hacks like Paul LePage. Instead, Gov. Mills has remained focused on protecting Maine people and putting public health first.”