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Gov. Healey Delivers Landmark Investments in Education

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Gov. Healey Delivers Landmark Investments in Education

Gov. Maura Healey just made historic investments to benefit Massachusetts public schools, students, parents, and workers by signing a $56 billion state budget earlier this week that will “double K-12 per-pupil funding from last year, and provide millions of dollars in access to higher education for all state residents.”

That includes free school meals for students, which is estimated to save working families nearly $1,200 per student per year, along with $71 million toward child care slots with the goal of implementing universal Pre-K.

“From day one, Gov. Healey has been steadfast in her commitment to making Massachusetts more competitive, affordable, and equitable,” said DGA Communications Director Sam Newton. “Gov. Healey’s historic education investments are just the latest example of how she has delivered real results for working families and made Massachusetts a better place to live for all its residents.”

Here are the headlines people across Massachusetts are reading about Gov. Healey’s historic education investments: