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Gov. Greg Gianforte Enjoys Lower Personal Tax Bill While Montanans Struggle

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Gov. Greg Gianforte Enjoys Lower Personal Tax Bill While Montanans Struggle

This year’s Tax Day serves as a reminder of how Gov. Greg Gianforte has completely ripped off Montana families by overseeing a major property tax crisis, while his own personal property tax bills have gone down.

Just last week, a new investigation from MTN News revealed that while many Montanans – including many of Gianforte’s neighbors – are grappling with a “property tax fiasco” that has led to some seeing their annual property tax bills go up as high as 100 percent, Gianforte has largely been spared, and even saw his tax bill go down at one of his properties.

Despite having the chance to address the property tax crisis, Gov. Gianforte failed to do so, leaving thousands of Montanans “trying to find out why their property taxes increased so much, and how they’re going to pay them.”

Instead, Gov. Gianforte spent his time supporting tax cuts for the highest earners in Montana, eventually signing legislation to slash the tax rate for the state’s ultra-wealthy like himself. Now, Gov. Gianforte has no plan and no solutions for the thousands of Montanans who do not know how they are going to afford their property tax increases.

“Montanans are struggling under the weight of a property tax crisis that Gov. Greg Gianforte had every chance to address, and his failure to do so is threatening the homes and livelihoods of working families across the state,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “While Montanans wonder how they are going to make ends meet and pay their skyrocketing property tax bills, Gianforte and his ultra-wealthy friends enjoy expensive tax giveaways. Montanans can’t afford anymore of Gianforte’s out-of-touch and failed agenda.”