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Gov. Greg Abbott Booed At Trump Rally

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On Saturday, Gov. Greg Abbott was booed at a Trump rally in Conrone, Texas, despite trying to prove his far-right credentials and standing idly by while Trump defended violent insurrectionists.

The Washington Post reported that Trump “dangled pardons for Jan. 6 rioters and urged his throngs of supporters to descend on New York, Washington or Atlanta for street protests” during the rally. A top political advisor for Gov. Abbott said, “Overall it was an excellent event for everyone involved.”

Despite his attempts to kiss up to Trump, the crowd chanted “RINO”, “fire Abbott” and “Abbott sucks” as Gov. Abbott took the stage. In a desperate attempt to quiet the boos, the Republican governor repeated Trump’s name 27 times in the six-minute speech.

Gov. Abbott faces a competitive GOP primary against Allen West and Don Huffines, who have slammed his failed leadership throughout their campaigns. “Abbott is finally being primaried by a true conservative,” said a Huffines supporter who booed Gov. Abbott at the rally.

“Instead of being accountable to the people of Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott only cares to appease Donald Trump and his radical right-wing base,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “This weekend’s rally showed that not even his own party is behind him. This ship is sinking fast — and no amount of kissing up can keep Gov. Abbott afloat.”