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Gov. Deal: Georgia GOP Still Reeling From ‘Bitter’ and ‘Expensive’ Primary

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Deal: “Republican candidates beat up on each other…while the other side just got to sit back and watch.”

It’s been over a week since the divisive Republican primary runoff, and the Georgia GOP is still dealing with the fallout. Governor Nathan Deal admitted to the Albany Herald that the expensive and nasty Republican runoff between Brian Kemp and Casey Cagle has made it harder for Republicans to win in November. Deal also acknowledged that while Republican candidates “beat up on each other”, Stacey Abrams spent her time talking to Georgians on the issues that matter to them.
Here’s what Deal had to say:

Albany Herald: Were you surprised with the outcome of the GOP runoff? I know you endorsed Lt. Gov. (Casey) Cagle (who lost to Brian Kemp).
Nathan Deal: It was a much more bitter primary than I would have hoped. And much longer, too. I registered a complaint with the Justice Department, and their reasoning for the long election process didn’t hold water. Because we’re a “runoff state,” they said we needed to give military personnel more time to cast their ballots. I asked them how many did not get counted in the last election, and they said that it “doesn’t matter” but that there were none. I hope they’ll take a look at the process because it makes it far too expensive for candidates. And, like we had this time, the Republican candidates beat up on each other for weeks in the runoff, while the other side just got to sit back and watch.

“Even Nathan Deal admits the GOP runoff was bad for Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans,” says Democratic Governors Association Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Republicans remain divided after nominating a far-right candidate who would threaten Georgia’s business climate. Stacey Abrams has focused on the issues that matter to Georgia families–expanding healthcare, investing in schools, and creating an inclusive economy that works for all Georgians.”