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Gov. Beshear Crushes Daniel Cameron In Latest Campaign Fundraising Report

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Gov. Beshear Crushes Daniel Cameron In Latest Campaign Fundraising Report

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s momentum continues to grow, with a “commanding fundraising lead” over Daniel Cameron. The latest figures show Gov. Beshear bringing in almost $15 million so far, while Cameron only has taken in a deeply disappointing $2.8 million.

Notably, the Beshear campaign’s $4 million cash on hand comes after already paying for TV ads for the final weeks of the race – but is still “roughly three times the $1.4 million on hand for Cameron,” who has yet to book any TV for October.

This comes as Gov. Beshear continues to earn the trust and support of Kentuckians by delivering real results like a historic investment last week to expand access to high-speed internet and fulfilling a signature promise to legalize sports betting. In contrast, Cameron is coming under fire for lying about his promise to actively support ripping health care away from 600,000 Kentuckians and running an office filled with “discord, derogation, and emotional abuse.”

Read more below about Gov. Beshear’s fundraising dominance:

  • Associated Press: “Gov. Andy Beshear has seized a commanding fundraising lead over Republican challenger Daniel Cameron in their marquee matchup in Kentucky.” 
  • Lexington Herald Leader: “Beshear’s campaign dwarfs Cameron’s in total cash brought in and on hand, the 60 day pre-general election reports show.” 
  • Lexington Times: “The fundraising numbers are painting a picture of a race where Beshear holds not just a financial advantage, but possibly an enthusiasm advantage as well.”
  • Courier Journal: “Even with the spending edge, Beshear’s campaign ended last week with $4.2 million cash on hand, roughly three times the $1.4 million on hand for Cameron. Hyers said Beshear has already spent $2 million to reserve TV ad time for the final four weeks of the campaign.”