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Gov. Andy Beshear Vetoes Pay Raise For Himself, KY Legislators in Fight for Higher Teacher Pay

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Yesterday, Gov. Andy Beshear delivered a major pay raise for many state workers like state troopers and social workers but vetoed a pay raise for himself and Kentucky legislators as part of his ongoing fight to increase pay for K-12 teachers and public school staff.

Gov. Beshear said: “I vetoed pay increases for lawmakers and statewide constitutional officers, including one for myself. We should instead be investing in K-12 education by funding universal pre-K and teacher pay raises. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

LEX 18 News reported that Gov. Beshear says in a budget that doesn’t give teachers a raise, the legislature shouldn’t give itself a raise.”

Here’s more coverage of how Gov. Beshear vetoed a pay raise for himself and lawmakers to fight for higher teacher pay: 

  • Louisville Courier Journal: “While praising the 8% raises for state employees and additional raises for specific jobs such as social workers and Kentucky State Police troopers, he called out the lack of any mandated raise for K-12 teachers and staff.”
  • WKYT: “But Beshear said lawmakers missed the mark in education funding. He said the General Assembly should have included teachers in the mandated raises, and he says there remains a need for universal preschool… Beshear said he is also vetoing a raise for the governor and other state constitutional office holders.”
  • Associated Press: “His sharpest criticisms were aimed at the levels of K-12 education funding — or what was left out — as he revealed his line-item budget vetoes. Beshear’s targeted vetoes included proposed pay raises for lawmakers and statewide constitutional officers, including himself.”