Gopher Goodbye: RGA Cutting Bait on Johnson

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RGA Starts Pulling Ad Money, Leaving Johnson to Fend for Himself

It might not be winter yet, but the Republican Governors Association is already freezing out Jeff Johnson in Minnesota.
Now that their preferred candidate, and old buddy, failed former governor Tim Pawlenty, lost the primary to Jeff Johnson, the RGA is taking their ball and going home. The RGA has begun the humiliating process of canceling their $2.3 million in reserved advertising. Unfortunately for Jeff Johnson, this may be surprising news.

And small wonder considering the two new polls showing Johnson behind Tim Walz.
“Apparently, Johnson’s devotion to the RGA is of the unrequited kind,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Who would’ve thought that a far-right candidate who indulges conspiracy theories and promises to rip healthcare away from Minnesotans wouldn’t find support in Minnesota? Jeff Johnson now has the unenviable task of selling policies Minnesotans don’t like all by himself. It’s clear that the RGA sees no hope in his struggling campaign.”