GOP Unity Watch: Ralph Abraham And Eddie Rispone Can’t Seem To Stop Attacking Each Other

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At last night’s debate in Louisiana, Rep. Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone couldn’t seem to stop attacking each other.
Republican leaders warned Abraham and Rispone not to go after each other to no avail. After Rispone released an attack ad against Abraham, Abraham decided to punch back for the first time last night.
Oh GOP unity, we barely knew you.
The infighting reached a new level last night. Before the debate even started, Abraham released what he called “a fan video” of Rispone. He slammed Rispone for saying he wasn’t involved in politics, when he’s been a GOP mega donor for decades. And Abraham compared Rispone’s position on a constitutional convention to an Elvis Presley song, saying, “fools rush in.”
Rispone questioned Abraham’s conservative bona fides and his staff pummelled Abraham on Twitter, even saying Abraham should take down his latest ad because he’s not winning. After the last debate, Rispone said he wasn’t going to just sit back. And he sure didn’t.
Abraham’s campaign manager was so upset about Rispone’s attacks that he took to Twitter to say, “This is how Republicans lost in 2015.”
“Louisiana voters don’t need to watch the ugly Abraham and Rispone fights to know they want to bring the state back to the failed Jindal era,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “With the infighting reaching new heights every day, Republican leaders can’t escape this nightmare scenario for their party.”