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GOP Unity Watch: Kasich ‘Unsure’ How Much He’ll Support DeWine

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Kasich Won’t Say if He’ll Even Campaign With GOP Nominee 

In case you missed it, Gov. John Kasich’s endorsement snub of Mike DeWine is still making waves in the Ohio governor’s race. Kasich told the Michigan Press Association on Friday that he wasn’t sure if he would ever campaign for DeWine. You read that correctly. The GOP governor is not sure he wants to be seen in public with the GOP nominee running to replace him.
From the Associated Press report:
While Kasich isn’t about to back Cordray as his replacement, it remains unclear when or if the term-limited governor will campaign for Republican Mike DeWine in the November election.
Kasich on Friday said he’ll definitely vote for DeWine, but he was less clear about how much support he’ll give the Ohio attorney general’s bid for governor.
“The question is how aggressively do I campaign?” Kasich said at a Michigan Press Association event in East Lansing, Michigan. “And I’ve laid out a couple things that are important to me.”
DeWine won the primary by repeatedly attacking Kasich’s agenda, particularly his decision to expand Medicaid. Kasich said that protecting the expansion should be a top priority for the next governor. Based on the primary campaign, Kasich can’t trust DeWine to do that.
DeWine still has a long way to go in uniting his party, if that’s even possible at this point.