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GOP Tax Plan Passes With Endorsements From Every GOP Candidate in PA-GOV

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Mango, Wagner, Ellsworth and Turzai All Supported Raising Taxes For Thousands of Pennsylvania Middle-Class Families

Today, the Congressional tax bill endorsed by every GOP candidate running for governor in Pennsylvania is on its way to becoming law.  

The Senate passed the tax reform bill today that will raise taxes on Pennsylvania middle-class families, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and ballooning the national debt. 

State Sen. Scott Wagner, state Rep. Mike Turzai, Paul Mango, and Laura Ellsworth all endorsed the bill.

“Republicans in Congress just voted to raise taxes on Pennsylvania middle-class families and Scott Wagner, Mike Turzai, Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth cheered them on,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Now as they run for governor, they all will have to explain to Pennsylvania voters why they supported raising their taxes. Wagner, Turzai, Mango, and Ellsworth decided to stand with Washington Congressional Republicans instead of the middle-class families of Pennsylvania. Next year, voters will have an opportunity to send a message to the Republican nominee about their wrong priorities.”



State Sen. Scott Wagner Agreed with Trump Tax Reform. In September 2017, Wagner posted a statement made by Sen. Pat Toomey in support of Trump and Congressional Republican’s tax plan to his Facebook page along with the comment, “One of the many reasons Trump won was because Americans are sick and tired of being taxed out of prosperity. If you agree tax reform is needed (like I do), ‘like’ this post.” [Wagner for Governor Facebook, 9/30/17] 

State Rep. Mike Turzai: “Nothing Will Help Families and Employees and Jobs More” Than Trump’s Tax Proposal. “President Donald Trump took to the midstate Wednesday to pitch his tax plan to a cheering crowd of blue-collar workers and conservative Pennsylvania politicians … As attendees filed out after the speech, state Republican politicians in attendance—like House Speaker Mike Turzai—were in visibly high spirits. ‘I think it’s the number one policy initiative for the Trump administration, and nothing will help families and employees and jobs more than this proposal,’ Turzai said.” [WESA, 10/12/17]

Laura Ellsworth: I Agree with Trump’s Actions to Reform Tax Policy. “I agree with a lot of things that President Trump has done … I agree with the things that he is doing in terms of reforming healthcare, reforming tax policy, addressing a lot of the business issues that need to be addressed to keep jobs here in the United States and in Pennsylvania.” [WTAE Interview, 10/10/17] 

Paul Mango Praised Trump’s Tax Plan. “I commend President Trump for coming to Harrisburg and proposing such an ambitious tax reform plan that will put more money back in the pockets of hardworking families and help businesses grow all across America.” [Mango for PA Facebook, 10/12/17]