GOP Strategist Says Schuette is in ‘Deep Trouble’

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In an interview today with WKAR’s Off the Record, GOP strategist John Yob spelled out dire circumstances for Michigan GOP nominee Bill Schuette’s chances.
Watch what Yob had to say HERE:

Tim Skubick, Host of “Off the Record”: “Are you predicting Gretchen Whitmer will win this governor’s race?” 
John Yob:Yes. Yeah.”
Skubick: “You didn’t even pause there.”
Yob: “I think it’s more of a question of whether it’s a double digit loss or not.”
Kyle Melinn, MIRS News: “So the Republicans are in trouble is what you’re saying?” 
Yob: “I think the top of our ticket, meaning the U.S. Senate race and gubernatorial race, Republicans are in deep trouble.”