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GOP Lawmaker – Bruce Rauner’s Re-Election in Trouble

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Republican Lawmakers Says Rauner Has Been, and Will Continue To Be, Ineffective in Getting His Agenda Through

How bad is it for Governor Bruce Rauner? In just over a month, Governor Rauner suffered an embarrassing budget defeat, dragged his office through an ideologically-drive staff purge, and now his veto of a school funding bill is being picked apart by newspapers. Then, a new poll released two weeks ago showed Rauner with a 63% disapproval rating.
Now Rauner’s own party is leaving him. Tom Kacich reported six of the 51 House Republican members were stepping down “including three members of the leadership team.” In Kacich’s report, Rep. Bill Mitchell calls the exodus “unprecedented.” CBS 2 Chicago/WBBM-TV ran a similar story, and tucked in Derrick Blakley’s report was this quote from retiring Republican Barb Wheeler:
“Another reason [Barb] Wheeler’s leaving: She’s lost hope for Rauner shaking up Springfield, saying, ‘I’m not optimistic towards further reforms during his tenure.’
“With a lack of GOP reforms so far, Wheeler said she believes Rauner will face significant headwinds in his re-election bid. Furthermore, she said she expects, in a non-Presidential year, Republicans will face losses nationally, as well.” 
National political watchers labeled Bruce Rauner as the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation. It seems members of his own party agree.
“Governor Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership has become so obvious members of his own party can no longer defend him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Under Bruce Rauner, the state is doing worse as debt soars, jobs and people flee, and the state’s education system is pushed to the brink. Illinois voters have already turned on Rauner – it was only a matter of time before his own party did too.”