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GOP Infighting Hits New Jersey Republican Primary

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It’s official: the GOP’s ongoing civil war has come home to roost in New Jersey. Wednesday, GOP gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh announced that he will sue Somerset County Republican Committee Chairman Howes over the Committee’s endorsement of rival GOP contender Jack Ciattarelli. 

Singh labeled the committee’s process as “an utter embarrassment” and called for Chairman Howes to resign from his post saying that a win in November would only be possible if the party first gets “those that have destroyed the integrity and the rule of law in this state out.” 

While Jack Ciattarelli might have hoped for a quiet primary, he’s not getting his wish. The episode of the GOP’s soap opera comes on the heels of major Trump supporter and Pastor Phillip Rizzo’s entrance into the New Jersey GOP’s crowded primary field. Looks like Ciattarelli is going to have to double down in his desperate attempts to win over Trump’s New Jersey base if he hopes to make it through. 

“The GOP’s infighting has reached New Jersey and Jack Ciattarelli’s dreams of a quiet primary are officially dashed,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Hirsh Singh’s lawsuit against his own party is just the latest episode in this soap opera scheduled to continue straight through Election Day. Now, all that’s left to see is what far-right, Trump-loyalist lengths Ciattarelli will go to to win.”