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GOP in Disarray: Chuck Grassley Slams Kim Reynolds’ Attack Ads

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Grassley tells Iowa GOP to own Reynolds’ policies instead of resorting to personal attacks

Yesterday, Senator Chuck Grassley scolded Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa GOP for their cheap personal attacks on Democratic candidate Fred Hubbell.
Grassley told the Cedar Rapids Gazette, “I always stick to policy when I’m campaigning, and I would advise other people to stick to policy,” when asked about the Reynolds campaign and Iowa GOP’s focus on personally attacking Hubbell.
From the very beginning of her general election campaign, Kim Reynolds has lobbed personal attacks at Fred Hubbell instead of focusing on the issues that matter to Iowans, a strategy that seems to have struck a nerve with Iowa’s most senior Republican.
“When Iowa’s Republican Governor can’t even get Iowa’s senior Republican Senator on board with her campaign, it’s clear she’s in deep trouble,” says Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “But it’s no wonder why Governor Reynolds is trying to make this campaign about nasty personal attacks instead of the issues: she knows she can’t run on her failed record. Iowans need a governor who will bring people together to solve the state’s problems and talk about the real issues facing their state. Fred Hubbell has a track record of doing that, and both Kim Reynolds’ record and her campaign show she won’t.”