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GOP govs let slip that the economy is improving under President Obama

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For the national GOP, any notion of an economic recovery is a figment of Democrats’ imaginations. When a third straight month of solid job numbers came in last week, officials responded with caution and contempt. They dashed out releases and tweets minimizing the size of the gains, and pushing back against the notion there’s any recovery at all. But when you ask Republican governors how things are going, especially in swing states, the economic picture starts to brighten considerably — even before the last three months of unexpectedly positive news. Sure, jobs are returning, but in Republican-controlled states.
Still, the Democratic Governors Association is all too happy to accept Republican governors’ premise that there’s a jobs boom under way. “Apparently Republican governors didn’t get the memo from Mitt Romney to ignore the economic recovery that’s under way thanks to President Obama’s leadership,” DGA spokeswoman Kate Hansen said. “We agree with the Republican governors — the economy is getting better, and we’ve now seen 24 months of private-sector job growth across the country. If Republican governors would focus more on job creation and expanding opportunity instead of hard-right sideshows like attacking workers’ rights, suppressing voter turnout and mandatory ultrasounds, perhaps their states would be able to close the gap with Democratic-led states, which are creating 21st century jobs at a higher rate and making the investments a modern economy needs to promote continued growth.”
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