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GOP Civil War: With Less Than A Week Until the Primary, Montana Republicans Tear Each Other Apart

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The Montana primary is less than a week away – and the GOP candidates aren’t holding back. State Sen. Al Olszewski and Attorney General Tim Fox have consistently warned Montanans of the danger of Greg Gianforte’s candidacy, whose unpopularity is tearing the party apart.
Republicans who view Gianforte as a uniquely dangerous figure are openly criticizing his dirty campaign tactics like using Fox’s cancer diagnosis as a reason to vote against him. And it doesn’t end there. Here’s a timeline: 

“With less than a week until the primary, Tim Fox’s and Greg Gianforte’s attacks are more in line with the politics coming out of D.C. than Montana. It’s an all-out brawl that’s not reflective of the state’s values,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “This infighting will leave the Montana GOP deeply divided heading into the general — if Gianforte can’t even unify his own party, how can he hope to unify Montana?”