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GOP Civil War: Virginia GOP Primary Has a Nasty Start, Showing Deep Divide In Republican Party

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And they’re off – the GOP primary has officially begun. State Senator Amanda Chase took the first swing, accusing former House Speaker Kirk Cox of being a “spoiler” in the governor’s race on Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid. Chase said she’s been running for nine months already, and has the “grassroots” support to win the race.

Chase went after Cox’s legislative record, criticizing him for voting in favor of bills that would increase taxes on some Virginians, and for not being tough enough on guns. As speaker, Cox blocked progress on gun safety legislation following a deadly shooting in Virginia Beach, but apparently Chase wants Virginia Republicans to take an even more extreme position on weapons.

Chase also criticized Cox for being absent while she led protests against Gov. Ralph Northam’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. Chase prides herself on being the only member of the Virginia legislature who does not wear a mask, saying she doesn’t “do” COVID-19.

“The GOP civil war has officially begun,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Amanda Chase has a unique firebrand, but she and Kirk Cox share extreme views that are dangerous for Virginia. With nearly a year to go until Election Day, Republicans are already in a race to the bottom to prove who is the most conservative – and the most out-of-touch with Virginia’s values.”