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GOP Civil War: VA GOP Infighting Explodes at Fiery Meeting As Amanda Chase Supporters Seek to Change Nomination Method

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Tensions in the Virginia GOP nomination fight boiled over this weekend during a meeting about whether to change the nomination process from a convention back to a primary, a move far-right candidate Amanda Chase’s supporters see as her best chance to win. The meeting ended abruptly after party leaders refused to take the issue up for a vote, angering party members.

Committee member Cole Trower said“Every discussion this year is not about, ‘What’s going to help us win?’ It’s, ‘How can we stop Amanda Chase from being the Republican nominee?’” And Republican candidate Mike Cherry commented“This is gonna cause a firestorm.”

Chase, an extremist and self-proclaimed “Trump in heels,” has emerged as a frontrunner for the nomination, with a loyal band of Trump-like followers and bigger fundraising numbers than her GOP opponents. Chase raised $468,030 in the second half of 2020, outraising former House speaker Kirk Cox.

“Instead of offering up a slate of policies that Virginians want, Republicans are spending their time trying to manipulate nomination rules to prevent a path for Amanda Chase,”  said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “The rule changes are a waste of time and energy – Chase is the frontrunner, regardless of nomination format. Their problem is not a candidate, but the extremism pervading their party. Republicans are going to be deeply divided, with a nominee who is far to the right of Virginians on the issues.”